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Meet Dr. Clint Klipfel

A Love for Children That Led to Chiropractic

Since my early years, I decided that I wanted to work in healthcare, specifically as a pediatrician due to my love for children. I always had a special way of interacting with kids and never met one that couldn’t warm up to me.

After completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Missouri, I began the application process for medical school. It was during that time that I started to visit a chiropractor for the onset of neck pain. I knew very little about the profession, but went due to a strong recommendation from a nurse I worked with. From day one, I was amazed and interested! The approach to my care, the “feeling” in the office, and most importantly my relief of pain.

Growing up, I had never been a fan of taking medicine, and this seemed to fit perfectly with such beliefs! After speaking with the doctor and asking what had to be a million questions, he urged me to visit the school, shadow, and apply. Within a few months, I had been accepted and started my future career.


Promoting Long Term Health

Attending Logan University, I received my Doctorate as well as my Masters of Sports Science and Rehabilitation. Wanting to always do more than just pain relief, but rather promote long term health, this master’s degree was perfect for me. I graduated in August of 2015 and took a job offer in Columbia, MO, working for the same doctor who had encouraged me to attend school. Full circle never had a better meaning!

I believe that my focus on functional rehab provides a unique approach to chiropractic, especially in the Portageville area. I use the Selective Functional Movement Assessment to analyze my patients, taking a full body approach. Working with specific weaknesses, imbalances, and deficiencies, I am able to design a unique treatment plan to address such issues.

Looking back at school, one particular experience stands out. That would be my experience working with Paraquad. These patients have special needs and require special attention. Some were stroke victims, some were born as a quadriplegic or paraplegic and others suffered serious trauma during their lifetime. Working with a wide range of therapists and specialists, we were able to offer our specialty niche to the healthcare plan. I learned not only how to care for a unique patient population but also that no matter what health concern a patient presents with, they are human and you treat them that way. An ailment, like many other classifications, cannot define a person.

Family, Charity and Life Outside the Office

Family has always been an important part of my life. I have one sister who has in turn blessed me with two amazing nephews. Having no children of my own at this point, they are mine to teach about life and spoil!

When not in my office, I can often be found working in my flower shop next door. Opened in 2013, we provide everyday gifts and floral decorations as well as event planning, holiday decorating, and in-home design services. Anyone that knows me knows that I love Christmas. If not decorating for Christmas, I am preparing for next year because each day brings us one day closer!

Additionally, I operate a charity, Kringle’s Kitchen, which serves our local community on Christmas Day. Started in 2011 by myself, I  host of volunteers deliver hot meals, food baskets, toys and snack stockings to the elderly and those less fortunate within our community. In addition, we host a Breakfast with Santa and provide gifts for nursing home residents.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and taking time out for the gym. Additionally, I enjoy visits to St. Louis to see my nephews and Columbia to support my Tigers and enjoy seeing my old friends, girlfriend, and former coworkers.

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